The Creation of The Resource Team

The Resource Team was formed by a group of veteran leaders in the CPG industry who believe that the most powerful way to help their clients succeed is through a ‘hands-on’ approach to problem solving. The Resource Team leverages the skills to apply the key learnings identified through the problem solving process and form strategies and execution plans that ring true in the marketplace. With a combined experience of over X years, the leaders of the Resource Team bring REAL market experience, proven strategies and a vast understanding of the challenges their clients face.

The dynamics of today’s complex business environment, with its multitude of business challenges, constantly changing consumer needs and wants, government and legislative initiatives and financial requirements for continual revenue and margin growth, require executives who have faced these issues and have successfully developed appropriate strategies to overcome those challenges.. This challenging business environment combined with the need for timely results requires executives with experience on not only how to solve the problems and develop the strategies but, more importantly, it demands partners who have successfully EXECUTED those strategies from inception through implementation.

The Resource Team consists of leaders who have and are currently leading executive teams, sitting on industry boards, working with customers on retail strategies, developing branding programs, planning social media initiatives, creating communication plans, team building programs and management development solutions through technology and meetings, utilizing comprehensive event marketing programs to promote brand awareness and drive profitable growth and many other areas of concentration. Our resources are spread across the U.S. and are able to respond to client needs rapidly.

The marriage of Strategy and Execution is a complicated and challenging union. The Resource Team can use their collective experience to successfully develop sound strategy and guide flawless execution that will ultimately drive results!

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