Senior Level Experience

The Resource Team differs from other consulting companies, not only by the level and variety of experience we bring to the table, but also in our overall approach to servicing our clients. We will assess the situation from facts and discussions with the client and develop a focused proposal that:

-Defines the Issue and Opportunities
-Outlines a Process and Timetable for deliverables
-Identifies the resources and experience we will utilize from The Resource Team as well as the client side
-Provides specific deliverables with financial targets for the assignment

Our team can work on a menu approach from defining a strategy to address a particular situation to working side by side with the client in executing the plan.

Our cost structure is as diversified as our approach to working with clients, whether working under a retainer structure, per diem or on a project fee basis, we will work with you to ensure that the financial arrangement works as well for your business as the projects we deliver.

The critical value The Resource Team brings to clients is a partnership base that includes significant Supplier Experience at senior levels with a focus on:

-Strategic Planning
-Leadership Strategy
-Brand Strategy and Marketing Programs
-Organization Strategy – Design, Structure and Effectiveness
-Trade Promotion Strategy and Planning
-Communications Strategy–to the organization, customers and consumers
-Customer Business Planning Strategy
-Execution in the Retail Market
-Event Marketing

The Resource Team is able to provide plans in concert with our clients and play a pivotal role in their execution. This end to end, results oriented response delivers the full value of our experience and ensures your success. It is why clients see us as a comprehensive resource team and not just another consulting group. We hope you’ll make a competitive advantage of this critical difference in approach and we look forward to the privilege of your business.

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