Retail Renewal

There are few constants in the CPG industry today. The pace of change is forcing retailers and suppliers to reevaluate everything they do – the game is changing. In the midst of all of this change, retail execution has suffered greatly. The focus has shifted to looking for new ways to capture the changing consumer and to dealing with the internal pressures that are the result of cost cutting, leaner organizations and a flat to declining market.

Your organization cannot afford to lose sight of the importance of superior retail execution. It will make the difference and give you that competitive advantage. The need to renew our focus on retail has never been greater. So how would you rate your organization on retail sales and marketing execution? Are you delivering desired results and does your organization fully support retail execution from the top down?

The Resource Team partners have the experience to assist you in developing and implementing a renewed retail strategy that will give you that competitive edge. The team brings over 160 years of experience in managing sales and marketing organizations across many leading CPG companies with focal areas of:

  • Retail execution strategy
  • Sales structure design
  • Retail marketing programs
  • Retail event programs
  • Channel strategy
  • Resource management
  • Sales training
  • Meeting and event management

The key role of the Resource Team is to provide you with a more effective retail strategy that capitalizes on market trends, delivers highly effective retail driven marketing programs, produces superior sales execution and provides a template for evaluating results.

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