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What is a Brand? 5 vital branding questions…

Seems like a simple question and yet one gets as many answers as there are respondents.  The most frequent answer begins with a list of examples…  Something like… “Well, a Brand is… you know, Hellmann’s, or Axe or Planters Peanuts … Continue reading

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Miller Lite…Why Restages Often Fail–Part 1

Turning around a struggling brand is one of the most difficult things for a marketer to accomplish. Indeed once a brand goes into a prolonged sales and market share slump, seldom does it experience a quick turnaround. To deal with … Continue reading

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Multiple Segmentation Strategy

Of considerable interest was the recent announcement by Procter & Gamble to divest as many as 100 of their brands. In making the announcement, Chief Executive A.G. Lafley expressed the view, that “less will be much more”, as the sale … Continue reading

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Innovation Versus Renovation

Historically when consumer package goods companies were intent on growing their top-line, they looked to innovation in the form of new products, as the most expedient way of achieving this aim.  Indeed innovation has historically been seen as the most … Continue reading

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